Meeting Agent was designed to help busy people coordinate their schedules to attend meetings, social gatherings, and more: all at times which are most convenient to the group as a whole. Utilizing sophisticated Schedule Logic™ algorithms to select the best meeting dates and times, Meeting Agent automates a process which otherwise is very time-consuming and inefficient.

Key features of Meeting Agent include:
  • No group server is needed! - Meeting Agent was designed to let people collaborate without the need for access to a common group server such as Microsoft Exchange or others. This allows the convenient scheduling of meeting with meeting participants coming from unaffiliated organizations. Only the meeting organizer needs to register with Meeting Agent. Then, he or she can schedule meetings with anyone who has an e-mail address!

    No extra client software is needed. Meeting Agent is based on standard web browsers and typical e-mail systems.

  • Schedule Logic™ - Meeting Agent can automatically schedule your meetings. Using sophisticated algorithms based on the availabilities stated by your invitees, Meeting Agent will determine the optimum date and time for your next meeting. Schedule Logic enables the meeting organizer to establish the criteria for meeting attendance. The meeting organizer can specify the number of required attendees (Quorum), as well as whose attendance at the meeting is mandatory, and whose attendance is optional.

  • Address Book - Meeting Agent allows the meeting organizer to import his/her address book from his existing e-mail client (Outlook, Eudora, etc.) and use this to help in setting up the invitation list. By simply specifying the invitee's last name, the integrated address book eliminates the need to remember complicated e-mail addresses.

  • Attachments - Meeting Agent allows the meeting organizer to include documents, spreadsheets, and other meeting materials to be automatically included with the meeting invitations. This way the meeting attendees can review any necessary preparatory materials in advance of the meeting.

  • Meeting Review - Meeting Agent allows the meeting organizer to conveniently see the status of all meetings. Invitee responses are readily shown in an easy-to-view chart.

How Meeting Agent works:

1) After a simple one-time registration process, the meeting organizer uses two simple forms to specify the meeting specifics (subject, location, suggested meeting dates and times) and a group of potential meeting participants.

2) At the conclusion of this easy setup, Meeting Agent automatically sends out e-mail invitations to all of the invitees. Included in the invitation e-mail is a link to the Meeting Agent web site. By clicking on this link, the invitee is taken to a page that describes the proposed meeting in more detail and is given a list of suggested meeting dates and times The invitee simply marks his or her availability on the various dates.

3) Meeting Agent keeps track of these responses and using Schedule Logic™ can automatically select the best meeting date/time that fits with everyone's schedule. Once a date/time is selected, Meeting Agent automatically sends out e-mails to all involved, notifying them of the confirmed meeting details.

Meeting Agent is an incredibly powerful tool. No more wasting time and effort trying to find mutually acceptable meeting times.

Meeting Agent does it all!


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